Monday, January 26, 2009

Front Line Promotions: Be the Warlord

First, read Armchair Generals and why you should follow them over at Wizards & Wenches. Don't worry, I'll wait. It's kinda important for what I'm going to say.

Done? Good.

There are two points to this post. First, I want to throw a +1 Insightful on most of that post, especially regarding treasuring the warlord who leads well. They are indeed a resource to be encouraged and respected. 

The second reason for writing this is to make a related point by way of telling a little story. For those of you on Order in Badlands server, you may have heard about a certain dwarf in Tier 3. A dwarf who inspired many to organize and fight. A dwarf named Zaukther.

The Cult of Zaukther
When I found out about Zaukther, he was a Rank 24 Ironbreaker. But he knew how to lead the pick up group format in oRvR. He wasn't humble. He didn't need to be. He simply saw himself as the warlord, and anyone who didn't like it could leave the warband with no hard feelings. His orders came across clear and concise. "Wait inside the keep." "On my command, we rush them." "I need a scout in Empire." Simple. Direct. And people followed those orders, because they saw results. Keeps were defended and taken successfully. Enemies were reduced to nothing as they broke on the wall of tanks. With the wide-network of scouts that he fostered, he was able to keep his loyal warband right at the heels of the Destruction zerg; time and again, the influence and rewards rolled in. In a few days, I started to notice something in my chat box. People started telling Zaukther versions of Chuck Norris jokes. Some sang his praises. And there always seemed to be a warband ready to go when Zaukther came online to roll the RvR lakes. 

So what does this tell us? WAR is a meritocracy. We don't care about yelling in all-caps or making whithering snide comments about what the warband leader should have done. We promote, by following and obeying, those who can do the job. We are playing a game, and we like to win. So if you are looking around your tier, wondering why the warband leaders stink, remember that it doesn't matter who you are or what rank you are. Can you lead? Can you give clear directions, support your troops, and execute basic strategy? Then get out there and do it. It's that simple. We need our leaders, as I saw in the case of Zaukther. One warband, organized around a strong leader, could cause havoc for Destruction. And if you're not the leader type, then find a leader that you can follow and respect. Uphold their decisions, follow their directions, and watch the rewards start to flow.

Full Disclosure: Zaukther is a member of my guild. That said, his example still holds.

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