Monday, January 26, 2009

Introducing: Maladorn Fairnath

Let's get the content gravy train rolling with a bit about me. 

For starters, I play on the Order side of the Badlands server. My main character is a Tier 4 neophyte, a Rank 31 Warrior Priest named, you guessed it, Maladorn. I'm a member of that famous (or was that infamous?) guild, the Casualties of WAR. I focus on Open RvR and Scenario combat, with some PvE thrown in to keep things interesting. Currently I'm specced into the Grace mastery, which gives me a couple of ways to play, depending on what the situation is.

As a modestly armored support character, I feel like I always have things to do. Whether taking a keep, fighting in an open PQ group, or participating in scenarios, I'm always able to contribute in important ways. Of course, it took a bit to get into the rhythm of the Grace mastery. At first I felt like I had lost my effectiveness in my usual guild group. My actions involved alternating between Touch of the Divine (AoE Heal) and Supplication (converts AP to Righteous Fury). Pretty frustrating. 

Then I was awakened to the beauty of the mastery. It's not about how many heals you throw. It's about how many heals you throw while beating the Destruction characters with a hammer to the face. I had made the critical mistake of thinking that I needed to be on the front line, dishing out punishment beside the tanks while keeping everyone alive. But I didn't need to be up front to find Destruction to wail on. Witch Elves, Squigs, and Marauders all love to sneak into the back lines and try to take down the healers. And I can still be focus healing my tank buddy on the front line while defending my fellow support classes. 

So if the Grace mastery tree has got you down, try taking a step back from the front and focus your healing on the one character who needs it most. With Prayer of Devotion and the Leading the Prayer tactic, most of your group mates will keep themselves and you healed pretty well.


  1. Congrats on the new blog!! Glad to see fellow CoWs up and running into the blog scene. Seems like just yesterday I did the same after being inspired by the great folks like Brent, JB, and Ysharros!

    Got your blog on permanent watch!


  2. Thanks! That's a lot of encouragement! I'm having a lot of fun with this.