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The Overlord

When it comes down to it, WAR is all about who has the biggest, most coordinated army. While numbers can't be helped, one thing you can do even as a grunt is to help your Warlord gain authority and maintain control over a warband. Simply by addressing the person in charge as Warlord, you set them above the rank and file in the minds of your fellow soldier. This is not an elevated position of being a better player, being a smarter person, or being a superior being. This is simply the position of "guy who is willing to risk trying to lead a mob." Warlords stake their reputations on their commands. Cherish those who take the risk. Help them do their job by repeating their instructions when your other teammates inevitably ask where it is the Warband is going. Again. Treat them with respect, and they'll begin to have a firmer hold of command on their forces. This contributes greatly to the group and gives you experience as a leader.

Now, unless your Warlord is a supreme idiot, you'll begin to do well. Mostly, success is measured in numbers, and so now that your warband is coordinated, you're bound to be at least modestly successful. Soon, new people will flock to your banner to join the fight. Now, if you're an aspiring Warlord yourself, this is now your chance to split off from your current warband, and make a new one. Since you've been assisting him visibly, the other Warlord will most likely be on good terms with you. Now you have the chance to really start to do some damage. With two warbands, you can assault a moderately defended keep, and defend ANY keep you want. But the important thing to realize is that too many cooks spoil the soup. Continue to follow the plan of the other Warlord. Feel free to suggest, but do your very best to not split the groups. Your time of domination is merely beginning, and it would be a shame to stop now.

So, what next? Most people are content with this, but personally, no other strategy appeals to me quite as well as my own. No other commander leads quite the way I think the battle should be led. Because of this, I like controlling it all. And here is where the position of Overlord comes into play. He's made a record of good decisions and successful assaults. He has stated his commands clearly, forcefully, yet not harshly. He has spoken personally with the Warlords of the other warbands, and has asked for their assistance. And because of this, the Overlord is the one whose orders are followed, regardless of what warband they are leading. Once an ORVR group has reached this point, it has gained critical mass, and can now go nova. Nearly ANY keep can be taken, and any keep defended. Strategies can include feints, diversions, and ambushes. This is where the game gets really, really good.

The Overlord's Weapons

There are four things an Overlord needs to be successful: Scouts, Warlords, Underlords, and Soldiers.

Scouts: The map is notorious for lying. Therefore, it is imperative that the warlord actively scout friendly and enemy controlled territories, so that all information is current. Knowing that your keep in another zone is under attack will let you respond in time to save the keep and reap the rewards.

Warlords: People that are willing to organize others under your leadership are critical. When an Overlord is in play, Warlords do not have to be "leadership" types. Anyone who is willing to say "We are following this person, here is what he has said we are doing" can do the job. You do not have to be anyone who considers themself to be a great leader to fill this role.

Underlords: Once again, those that assist the Warlords are important. Anyone can repeat what the Warlord has said. So the next time someone asks "Where are we going again?", just give them an answer. It really helps.
Soldiers: The Overlord is one man. Without an army, he has nothing but his own weapon to take a keep with. Simply by following the Overlord's instructions, YOU can make that keep assault a success. If he's a good Overlord, he will give those directions clearly and often.

Reign of the Overlord

So now it all comes together. The Scouts report the disposition of the enemy's troops. If the warlord seeks to assault enemy strongholds, he will look for the place he is least expected to go, and attack there. He gives the order to fly to the zone, and his Warlords repeat it. When they arrive, the Overlord gives the order of what keep to assault, and when to move out. The chain of command is critical. And when it is in place, the the warbands can only be delayed. They cannot be stopped.

As a final note: Remember that these Armchair Overlords are people too. They will mess up tactically, they will spend all your money flying places you didn't need to go, and they will annoy the living daylights out of you with how much they spam their commands in region chat. But when the Keep is taken, and the enemy crushed, also remember that they're the reason it happened.

Ironbreaker Insight:

Delicious Destro Pie

One (1) cake tin
Two (2) cups flour
One (1) cup water
One (1) Minced Destro
Begin by tenderizing with Away with Ye and Shield of Reprisal. Then, apply axe liberally. If chunks still larger than one inch, apply more axe.

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