Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Warm Welcome from the Warlord

Ok, everyone to Black Fire Pass! We're going to take GNOL BARAZ! Now let's go!

Eh? How'd I end up in here? Well, regardless, a hearty hello to you all. Allow me to introduce myse—No, get the ram UP and the oil DOWN! Throw any AOE's you have on it! And get me some guards on my posterns!—myself. I'm Zauk the Rock. Between leading warbands, I do a few scenarios every now and then with Maladorn. 

Now, he's a pretty balanced fellow, so I'l—OK, now when this door opens, I will lead the charge! HOT ME!—so I'll let him add the variety. For myself, I'll be here to help provide you your daily dose of strategy.

Now, before I get back to the battle—only a 50 for contribution? What's up with that?—I'll give you today's Ironbreaker Insight: All destro are better when you add liberal amount of LAVA.

Best Regards,
Zauk the Rock

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