Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Poems to Slay By

Not wanting to be one to miss a good bandwagon as it rolls on by, I think I'll get into the act and add my own verses for Destruction:

You sneak up behind me
And think I'll go gentle.
But you failed to notice
My dwarf friend gone mental.

One quick detaunt later
You find yourself toothless.
A HoT dropped on me, now
We'll see who's more ruthless!

With Sigmar's strong Fist
And the almighty Greave,
I'll be leaving you weakened
As I bob and weave.

We make a fine team,
My 'Breaker and I.
We laugh as we cause
The Destro to cry.

So bring on your murder
You spindly Dark Witches!
With hammers and axes
We'll put you in ditches!

(Hey, we keep it strictly PG here! Cartoon violence only!)

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