Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Rest Never Ends

As a man of a few alts (okay, maybe a few more than a few) I like the changes to rested XP and the amount of XP required to level. But one thing has been causing me some confusion. Why do I never seem to run out of rested XP? On my two mid-T2 characters, the counter seems to go down to zero only to suddenly jump up to between 30 and 40k. 

Now I'd understand if I was swapping back and forth once a week or so between these characters, but I haven't. I've played both of them every day for the past week. Usually I'll earn a level every other day or so, averaged out. So it puzzles me that the rest XP bar keeps running through "chunks" instead of just showing the total amount that's stashed away, waiting to be redeemed. I keep finding myself saying "I'll just use up the last of the rest xp, then I'll go to bed." And then another chunk shows up!

I know there a many far more important things that need to be addressed, but stick this one on the list of little annoyances that I'd like to see fixed. Fortunately, that list is pretty small anymore.

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