Friday, January 30, 2009

Shameless Self-Promotion: A How to.

Becoming the Overlord
A critical aspect of becoming the Overlord is getting to that position without people wanting to kill you. One thing I learned the hard way is that it's no use "assuming command" if you cheese off one of the Warlords--they'll simply tell their warband to ignore you. But, conflicting with that is the idea that unless you act like the Overlord, no one will treat you as the Overlord.

The solution to both requirements is to give orders that no other Warlord can disagree with. It seems underhanded if you look at it from the "I want power, so I'm doing this" position, and if you really were just out to get power, it would be. But the true Overlord does not strive for power, but for victory. Even should this somehow fail to position you as Overlord, you are still aiding your allies immensely.

So, what are these elusive orders I speak of? Well, they range from the blatantly obvious to the insightful. I'm going to include a list, nowhere near comprehensive, that gives examples of what they are.

For Keep Assaults:
Get the Ram Down! (Or up, if you prefer that term ; D)
Use AOE abilities on the oil! It will kill the user!
All extra melee dps, guard the posterns!
Keep the postern guards updated on door %!
Tanks, use Hold the Line to help your allies dodge the oil!
[*Only for certain keeps*] Ranged dps, come to the gatehouse! You can hit the oil user from there!

For Keep Defense:
Tanks, report to the LORD'S ROOM to make a Tank Wall! Harassing them now will not hurt them and will not help us!
Healers, be ready to Heal the Tank Wall!
Tanks on the Wall, use guard on each other if you can!
Ranged dps, be ready to blast the stairs! It's going to be an AOE'er's dream come true!

...And many more. All of these commands encourage coordination and proper strategy without undermining the authority of the other Warlords, which is critical, because as I've said before, the Overlord is nothing without the Chain of Command.

In the future, you can look forward to me going over strategy aspects of being the Overlord, Public Relations as the Overlord (a necesary evil), and The Art of War for Dummies.

Ironbreaker Insight:
Carrying a shield that is larger than you are is useful for deflecting arrows, warding off magic, making a small raft out of, surfing down staircases, using for a dinner plate, cooking the dinner, swatting gnats, panning gold dust out of your beard, purifying water in a desert, using as an umbrella, acting like Captain America, sketching art, an impromptu kettle drum, a sit-and-spin, creating a satellite dish, and reflecting the sun for morse code.

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