Monday, February 23, 2009

Dungeon Jerk: Drama in Bastion Stair

Recently my guild ran into one of those drama moments that come along in these kinds of multiplayer games. Fortunately for us, the jerk in question (who will remain nameless to protect the guilty) was a member of another guild who happened to be along for the ride clearing the middle path PQs in Bastion Stair. One of our guild's members has his eye on a PQ drop in that area, so a group was rounded up to work on farming the area.

Now, I should probably explain a couple things. My guild, the Casualties of WAR bills itself as a casual guild. We are a very active casual guild, but we have decided that that the daily events of life, such as kids, jobs, and spouses are more important than dungeon raids and keep assaults. It's a great atmosphere, as I can personally attest; it allows the members to come join the fun when they can, for as long as they can without getting any grief for having to leave "early".

Unfortunately, our nameless Jerk didn't understand who he was dealing with. When the guild member had to go AFK and then drop out of the party halfway through the PQ, it was the last straw. For the leaving member had just committed what must be the ultimate sin in MMO-land; he wasted the Jerk's time. And thus was the guild treated to a 5 minute rant from the Jerk, complete with swearing and name-calling. I say the guild was treated because this Jerk decided to give us both barrels in our own Ventrillo server. And he continued to do so, even after another CoW guilds man explained that the member who left was called away to go take care of his young children.

All this made me pretty upset, and has earned the Jerk the lasting scorn of our entire guild. Am I mad that he got mad? No, I can understand not wanting to waste time or have a dungeon group fall apart. What I find inexcusable was the way that this character expressed his frustration. He insulted one of our members, for circumstances beyond that person's control, in the guild's chat server. It showed an utter lack of class and maturity. 

So what can we learn from this situation? I've got a few ideas in mind:
  1. Know who you are playing with. Is this a PUG or a guild group, and what are their expectations? Is the group hardcore about not leaving, or do they have a more relaxed attitude? Knowing this up front will help you be prepared if someone has to leave. Or, it will allow you to bow out early and gracefully if you are looking for a different group dynamic.
  2. Life happens. Live with it. Despite our best intentions, sometimes things happen to pull us away at the worst possible moment. Yes it stinks to lose the healer halfway through the dungeon, but there is a very high probability that someday, you're going to be on the other side asking for a little grace when you have to leave.
  3. Show some respect to the owners of the house. If you are invited over to use another group's resources (vent server, website, forums, etc...), don't curse or insult that group's members or leadership. It's bad form, shows a lack of maturity, and is a great way to never get invited back. Which means that you've just written off an entire guild's worth of people who might have otherwise invited you to come on dungeon runs or RvR sieges. And if you've made enemies of a guild, chances are good that you made enemies with the whole alliance, too. So keep it clean and courteous while you're visiting; you can always go back to your own guild to vent when stuff frustrates you.

So how about you? Got anything to add to my list? Have you run into this a lot in WAR? Leave a comment!

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