Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Think I've Got This Mixed Up

As anyone who has read this blog can attest, Zaukther and I are a couple of RvR kind of guys. It's got nothing to do with WAR's PvE content; I've enjoyed working through the quests and PQs for the first tier on my Warrior Priest and White Lion. But on most of my alts, especially my Shadow Warrior and Blackguard, my preferred way to play has been RvR. Ironically, these are the characters that I play when no one else is on or I feel like just running around by myself. RvR gives a nice way to enjoy the game that is structured, yet varied. Familiar, while still dynamic and surprising at times.

So this week I convinced my beautiful wife to roll up a character on a trial key and try out the game with me. And thus was Tanroann the Sorceress unleashed on the shores of the Blighted Isle. Since my Blackguard is already in T2, I decided to roll up a new character as well. And given that I already have a Warrior Priest, I decided against the Disciple of Khaine and instead went with a Black Orc I have named Facepalmer. (It's not stealing if it's a tribute, right?) Tanroann isn't big on the idea of PvP just yet, which isn't suprising considering she's coming from Guild Wars, so for right now we are focusing on PvE only. Working through the Dark Elf Tier 1, I've found that the PvE is even more fun when played with someone else. I'm enjoying myself immensely, reading the quest text, taking advantage of the easy PQs (God bless you, Mythic), and getting chewed out by haughty Druchii in every shade of purple. After two years of being the heros that save the world (over and over again), it's nice to take a break and just let the evil side out.

Still, I was struck today by the odd juxtaposition of my playing habits. I've got my main in Tier 4, which I play when the guild is out together in a warband. I've got my PvP alts, which I run solo or PUG RvR 90% of the time. And now I've got a PvE alt, which I only play with my wife. I'd be surprised if Mythic considered my use case when they designed the game, but it's a credit to them that I can play in so many varied ways and have fun doing all of them. Just one more reason that I love the WAR.

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