Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'll Tell You What If!

Syp has an interesting list of "What If?" scenarios for Warhammer Online. Below I've taken my stab at responding to a few of them.

A steep death penalty would kill open RvR. We'd be reduced to Witch Xs trying to gank the poor noob who stumbled out into the lake to do one of the quests from the warcamp. Sure, a few hard-core guilds would probably put together some RvR groups, but the main focus of the game would turn to PvE.

The resetting world idea is interesting, but would kill replay value. There are only so many times we are going to want to have to go fight through T1 before we get sick of it. 

The WoW battlegrounds people would soil themselves as they ran crying from the field of battle.

I like the idea of losing a RR on death in PvP, but the rate of Renown gain would have to be fast enough to keep up. I'd probably only have this effect the RvR lakes, not scenarios. And I'd remove the cap on renown to allow people to store up a buffer of sorts.

Monthly contests to design quests would absolutely ROCK! One winner for each tier in each pairing would give a nice batch of new content on a regular basis. And the winning quests should be interesting, rewarding, and fun.

Flying mounts would be interesting, but I worry about the effect on RvR. With the new flight masters in zones that didn't previously have them, there is a very real possibility that a warband could mount on flying critters and stealth take a keep without having to attack a single door. Like I said, interesting, but probably more of a headache than it is worth. Simple adding faster mounts or mounted combat would have all the coolness without the headaches.

A single rotating scenario is a neat idea. I think it would have the side effect of making the current scenario's pairing the most likely one to be pushed on a given day. Unless scenarios are taken out of zone flipping calculations, I don't think that this idea would work very well.

Players repairing stuff in pillaged cities/warcamps would be very cool. I'd love to see something like that, with supporting skills and professions to help make it go faster. I can see a masonry guild forming to replace walls and such. A great world immersion idea.

And them's my views. What's yours?

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