Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Open RvR Only Challenge Status Updates

Following on the oRvR Only Challenge laid down by Syp, the Wide Eyed Newb gives us an update on the progress of a Zealot through the first couple Tiers. Like the W.E.N., I've found that I love the oRvR despite the slower leveling pace. I've got two alts in Tier 2, one Shadow Warrior and one Blackguard, and both are running on open RvR only for xp and gear. Given when I have time to play WAR, my playtime on these characters tends to fit right into prime time, so I've not run into the slow periods that the Newb describes. 

Also, since I spent a lot of time in the RvR lakes with my Warrior Priest, I've been enjoying the scenarios more on my alts. The different perspective of a new class has breathed new life into what had become old hat and mundane. Ironically, I'm starting to feel a little guilty about ignoring the PvE content, especially since I enjoyed it so much in Tier 1 for my first two characters. Perhaps it's time to bring my Warrior Priest back down just to experience the quests and PQs.

Update: Syp, being the consumate professional casual blogger that he is, has an update on who's in the challenge. Always fun to get noticed!

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  1. Man I'm feeling so guilty also. I haven't touched a quest hub in weeks. How can those camps live without me killing their undead for them?