Monday, February 9, 2009

Sneak Peak at Patch 1.2

Mark has a preview of the 1.2 patch up on the Herald for all to see. I'm far too late to the party to say much original, but here goes:

Class balancing will be great, especially looking at the classes they are talking about changing.

Bug fixes are another welcome change. I like to hear numbers like 500 resolved bugs/issues. From a PR standpoint, I'd lean toward making smaller sets of regular bug fixes to reinforce the idea that Mythic is seriously hammering away on the issues that players have highlighted. But a "Patch Tuesday" could lead to some folks making the wrong conclusion.

The crafting system is in need of an overhaul. Just pulling the functionality of a couple of popular crafting addons would help tremendously. Since I'm not into apothecary, I don't have a lot of stake in this round of fixes. But it should be a good indicator of what Mythic thinks needs fixing in the crafting system. As a major individualist, I'd really like to see less dependence on multiple gathering skills for the crafting professions, but I realize that's probably not going to happen. So instead, I'd like to lobby for the ability to queue up a set of items to manufacture. If I've got enough stuff to make ten talismans, let me hit the button and make all ten, one after the other. Cultivating should also be able to add all of the ingredients that they want to use up front, instead of having to wait for a seed to be planted.

Multiple attachments in the mail is one of the no-brainer features that really should have been included in the mail system design from an early stage. zMailMod has made my life so much easier moving items between alts. With this fix, I'll be able to get rid of another addon.

New live event for the new careers. Lots has been said. Short response: Sweet!

Finally, I'm going to note that high-level dungeon and RvR item drops are getting another look. As a Grace Warrior Priest main, I found this bit by Regis very informative. I don't know what they are going to do with these items, but hopefully someone is seriously thinking about how they work now vs how they ought to work. I realize that there are some issues with scale and scope, but it seems suprising to me that Guild Wars could offer a token-esque system for armor customization, along with full tokens used to purchase a weapon after defeating the end-game boss in each campaign. I know it'll take a little work, but I think that armor set tokens or customization options would give the game a tremendous boost.

That's all I've got for now. Night of Murder has been eating my time in WAR, leaving little for blogging about WAR. Which is fine by me right now. I'm going to get the Master Assassin title, then I'll have a write-up including my thoughts and reactions.

[UPDATE] Another update to the patch notes has been added to the Herald, with lots of specifics. Waaaaay too much to even try to work through. Most interesting to me was that they are in fact making it so that crafting will not depend as much on multiple gathering skills, just like I thought would never happen. Guess when it comes to what Mythic will do next, I just haven't got a clue!

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