Thursday, February 12, 2009

WAR Is Murder.

Well, as I said earlier, I've been spending the last several days enjoying the Night of Murder live event. Since tonight is the Night of the Eternal Hard Drive Format, I guess this is a good time to relay my thoughts on the Night of Murder. As a big time pvp player, this one was just chock-full of tasks that rewarded me for doing what I love. Which is also something that I love. 

It also came just as my main pushed up into the firm footing of Rank 32 and all the Tier 4 glory that entails. Now, I must admit I was a little hesitant to finally reach the big leagues, so to speak. But that hesitation disappeared the first night out. Turns out, last Friday was Alliance RvR Night for the Echelon Alliance on Badlands server. I thought well led PUGs in the lower Tiers were fun, but those were nothing compared to the Awesome that is a full warband of allies, all communicating and working together. With that taste fresh in my mouth, I've been spending almost all my free time running around with a Guild or Alliance group.

And my, how the tasks have just flown by! As of yesterday evening, I am officially a Master Assassin! In all the time that I spent doing Night of Murder stuff, the only thing that I felt would have made it better was an increased respawn rate on the marked mobs in Altdorf. I dropped down to T1 to do the Burning Windmill PQ a couple times to finish off my last four. Other than that, I thought everything went really well. The influence requirements seemed just right, requiring more than one day but not the full week to complete. When I first saw the assassination tasks, especially relating to guild officers and leaders, I got a bit concerned about how to complete them. But T4 is apparently littered with high-ranking guildsmen and I finished those tasks in short order. 

Long story short, this was a great RvR live event. I'm not sure how they are going to keep this up at the rate they have been, but I sure hope they have similar success with Bitter Rivals next month!

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