Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chirp, Chirp (And Thoughts on WAR Post 1.2)

I've seen a couple of blogs mention that things are kinda quiet in the WAR blog community. Too quiet for their liking. And like so many MMO gamers with the need for affirmation in their hobby, they start to wonder if the game is failing due to disappointment with patch 1.2. Well, I've been quiet because I've been playing and having fun. Gobs of fun. Patch 1.2 has been a blessing on my server, since with zone domination we've been able to counter the massive zerg effect that a couple of destro guilds where pulling off. It's been great to actually see the campaign progress in our favor. 

To the naysayers, I've got something very simple to say. I'm loving the game. I was loving the game when Witch Elves where demolishing me. I'm loving the game when Destro CCs me back to the stone age. And yes, I'm loving the game now that my side does well. But you've got to take both the good and the bad. New patch means a lot of new content, with the potential for new bugs. I've seen more CTDs this last week than I did last month. But they'll fix it. If there is one thing that Mythic has shown it's that they will listen and fix things. 

To those who complain about bugs, welcome to software development. There is no bug free code, only code where the bugs haven't been found yet. Maybe it's just because I'm a programmer, but bugs are one of the last things that I worry about in a game of this size. Sure, the painfully obvious stuff should be fixed asap. But you won't see me /ragequit over a monster not pathing well or a BO failing to give a domination point. Hopefully those who are so upset with these bugs are sending in an error report when they run into a problem and not just whining about it on the blogs and forums.

On the topic of nerfs and such, I'm pretty unfazed with Mythic because I used to play a game that made pointless nerfs to make entire builds completely useless in PvE because it's too strong in PvP. So far, I've not seen that from Mythic. Stuff will always need balance tweaks. That's just part of playing an MMO. But Mythic has done a good job so far of addressing things. I'm not saying that they are perfect or that they don't make mistakes. But they do make steps consistently in the right direction. One of the most encouraging things to me is that it seems like both Order and Destruction complain about balance almost equally. Not a perfect measuring stick, but an indicator that Mythic is even-handed when making balance changes.

Moral of the story: it's a game. If the things that you don't like are bad enough for you to leave, then do so. I wish you well and hope that you find more enjoyment in whatever new game you decide to pursue. But I'd like to strongly encourage everyone to really give things a shot. This game has made tremendous strides in the six months since launch, all while releasing tons and tons of new content. Stuff happens, but I'll take the game where the developer is openly communicating and consistently pushing the envelope of what the game can do any day of the week. 

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  1. Well I agree I like WAR, but when you go from a guild of 30 people online, to 2 or 3 during a primetime on a Thursday. Something ain't right in Denmark. Now our guild are no slouches we're rank 29, one of thee top guild on our server.

    I'm not saying that WAR is broken, or that I hate the game. I really don't know what needs to be fixed, but I do know something does and fast.