Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WPs are OP!!!!11!111eleven

Whew! It must be rant week. The part that jumped out at me was, of course, the complaints about Warrior Priests with Cleansing Power. I decided to bring my response over here, because I want to say some stuff about this complaint specifically and also about the general complaining attitudes that I've seen on multiple blogs and forum posts. One blog post didn't get me worked up by itself, so I don't think that author should have to deal with my counter-rant in their comments.

My WP doesn't run the Cleansing Power tactic, because until 1.2 it was too weak to justify not going further into the Grace tree for leveling. Pre-1.2, almost nothing of importance to me was a curse (e.g. Witch Elves used mostly hexes). Now I'm perfectly willing to agree that the first tactic in a mastery tree should not shut down an entire class as this seems to do to all Choppa's debuffs. I'd even be willing to contemplate that there are now too many abilities that are curses and some should be made into a different attack type.

But I'm personally sick and tired of the post-patch screaming bloody murder that happens every single time the game gets an update. Adding new classes is going to mess with balance. Especially when there are people out there who try to screw up the public testing (check the tell in chat) to prevent balancing from happening. Tweaking abilities is going to mess with balance. Reducing or modifying defenses is going to mess with balance. Nobody is out there saying that the game is now perfect. In fact, the next major patch is all about class balance. So calmly state your issue and then get back to having fun. 

There is no way under heaven for Mythic to be able to balance test everything so that all issues show up and are addressed before it goes live. It's just not possible till it shows up in live play, because people play differently when their real characters are involved. I think that everyone needs to make some decisions. Do you want to help move the game forward and help it get better? Then keep playing, have fun, and give constructive feedback. Mythic has shown themselves willing to listen. Do you want to play the game at the same level of polish that you are used to from WoW? Come back in a while. Mythic is working on it, but the simple fact of the matter is that no major online application that has this much user interaction is going to be perfect at 6 months, especially when new features are being added regularly. If you like the new freebies then you have to accept that some other things have to be set to the side while the new stuff is being developed.

To all those wonderful readers, bloggers, and players who aren't filling my rss reader with complaints and tantrums, thank you. Hopefully 1.3 will address the valid class balance problems and we can get back to enjoying the game as a positive community.

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  1. Cheers to another constructive poster!

    Bugger the whiners off! Come back next year when we have 6 toons in T4, and ye can start over with your "improved" game.

    Growing pains or not, WAR will continue!

  2. I second that cheers!