Friday, April 3, 2009

Ack! It's Contagious!

After seeing all the interesting blog designs that got rolled out this week (thanks to Omelettez for that round-up of WAR blogging tomfoolery), I decided to fiddle around a bit and see if we could find a better background option than the boring wood grain pattern. Lo and behold, Mythic had an old wallpaper from way back in 2007 which fit the bill. Mmmm... concept art. So tasty. Anyone else think he looks slightly... undead? Vampire Warrior Priests, now there's a thought.

I also added a bit of code to open external links in a new widow, because I tend to like that feature. All you readers out there, let me know if you really like or really hate it.

In other news, I'm pushing hard to hit the level cap with Maladorn. I'll have a more extensive write-up later on. Right now, I've got XP to earn!

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