Wednesday, April 29, 2009

One more reason I like the fantasy genre...

Ever wish that some stuff from the fantasy books and video games really existed? Like guarding your loved ones from some attack. Or removing diseases and curses with a wave of the hand and a few magic words. Even just finding the right special plant and giving it to the right special person to make a miracle and save your family and friends from the pains in life. Too bad athelas isn't as useful against cancer as it is against the wounds of the nazgul. And the death penalty in real life is so harsh, we really don't like to accept that it's a possibility. Fortunately, even in fantasy there is some truth: the hands of the King really are hands of healing, whether we experience it physically or spiritually. And even though we can't get a rez right now, releasing brings us to a much brighter zone. 

My mother-in-law's cancer has gotten worse. We don't know how long she has for sure, but the doctor's aren't encouraging. I'm taking a break from gaming and blogging for a while as my family works through this. Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated. I'll be back later, but right now this is more important.

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