Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Cleaning and Mastery Trees

Spring has sprung and boy did it leave a mess doing it. The pop cans and dust bunnies had already moved past the agrarian gathering societies and were on the verge of splitting the atom, so I had to step in and take decisive action to deter these rogue groups. At least, that's what I told myself when taking out the trash and vacuuming the floor instead of playing WAR.

For the little time that I have been able to play, I've been working on testing a new mastery spec in scenarios. I leveled up straight into Grace, but now that I've got city dungeons to do, I've been told that I need to be able to bring the heals. And while I still haven't been able to run as a pure healer in a city dungeon, I have noticed that the build gives me some nice flexibility in scenarios. The group heal and group HoT allow me to make someone outside of my group my defensive target. This means that I can get direct heals or close AoE heals on the tanks under oil, for example, without having to join the oil shower. It also means I can HoT up the Bright Wizard in another group and gain some wicked renown. Since I'm about 3 levels behind on my Renown Rank, I see this as A Good Thing TM

I'm expecting company this weekend, so I probably won't have another update until next week. So I'm offering all of my portion of fun to the highest bidder. Auction starts immediately in the comments. Opening bid is to accept a recruit-a-friend invite from me. I'm one away from getting that bonus item!

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