Thursday, April 2, 2009

Warrior Priests Stopped From Ruling The World, Story at Ten

Hat tip to Rivs over at Way of the Chosen, because I had missed the updates to the 1.2.1 Patch Notes regarding the change to the Cleansing Power tactic. Now, instead of removing a curse on every healed ally, the tactic will instead allow Purify to remove a curse or hex from every member of the target's group. This removes the arguably overpowered use of AoE heals to remove a curse from everyone in a group every 2.5 seconds (1 second cast plus 1.5 second cool down on the AoE heal). Under the 1.2.1 rules, Warrior Priests will be able to remove a curse or hex from everyone in the group every 5 seconds. 

I've not run Cleansing Power under the current version, for reasons I outlined previously. However, this looks like a good fix. The ability is still good and can make a good argument for the Tactic slot it uses. The doubled cycle time should let those poor Choppa's get some utility out of their curses. And now Warrior Priests have a solid team hex removal as well. I think both sides can come away with good news, and I hope the change plays well on the live servers.

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  1. Well anything that upsets a Warrior Priest, makes me a Happy Spiked Blueberry. :)

  2. Hopefully Warrior Priests will get round to solving the credit crisis, global warming, before they're nerfed to like normal levels ;)