Thursday, July 9, 2009


Grimnir has taken it upon himself to recognize a category of WAR blogging that he has dubbed the "Zombie Blogs of WAR". And guess who makes the list? Welcome to all who visit, feel free to look around. We've got a wonderful deal on older "feature request" posts right now. A couple of them even got implemented in WAR. And there are several "recurring features that never recurred" that I am authorized to offer huge factory discounts on. I still track comments, so feel free to drop a line.

On a WAR related note, I've got Maladorn up to RR 52 and I still love Grace spec, Notaf Emale (my White Lion) has just about hit 29, Fuegocon Carne (Bright Wizard, of course) weighs in at Rank 25, and finally Khazral (an Iron Breaker) rounds out the set at a mind-boggling Rank 7. Land of the Dead has turned out to be a tremendous boon for people trying to level on low-pop servers. Just get to 25, get into LotD, and go farm the snake temple PQ with some friends. Fastest way to level now, and if you do it with a guild group on vent, it's actually a lot of fun too. Word to the wise: bring a standard or 2. When your healer wipes, you want a way to get him back up without having to wait for him to run back.

So yeah, still playing WAR like a maniac and loving most of it. I'm considering returning to posting on a less regular schedule, but with 50% more insight and 3 times the wall of text crit chance. Drop a line in the comments if you'd be interested in reading more from me. Till next time, have fun, and enjoy the WAR.

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  2. Hey mate, I loved the blog though I diddn't stumble upon it till you'd already put the shutters down. More would be grand!

  3. I have my Iron Breaker to rank 14 and already he's a ton of fun! On another note, I am thoroughly enjoying the changes made to the Archmage (my main).

    The game feels a lot better since 1.3b, though Destro is still out matched (just ask my rank 40 DoK). I hope they continue to focus on class balance and rework mastery paths to more logical sets.