Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Reach Out and Taunt Someone

It took hours of work and concentration, as well as tremendous personal persuading on the part of the warband leads, but we finally got it together and pushed all three forts in rapid succession recently. The second one opened up only 5 minutes after the first, and the third followed another twenty minutes later. An hour later, we had only captured one fortress, and the organization was breaking up. Why, you ask, with such superior numbers and excellent coordination were we kept out of the Inevitable City? Dumb bad luck and taunts on the Lords.

To elaborate, I'm going to chalk up any player mishaps into the category of dumb luck. Pull too many guards, forget to guard the healer, accidentally hit the challenge renown instead of the shield, etc... are all mistakes that people make in the heat of the battle. I'm not looking to court martial anyone for it, and I really don't want Mythic to make any allowances for it. Stuff happens, we learn from it, we move on, and we succeed because of that learning process.

But I really can't chalk up 7 or 8 failed attempts on the various Fortresses to bad luck. And I saw the number of Destruction players that were defending; they performed well, but not well enough to hold off the sustained effect of rolling warbands into the Fortress zone. Order's organization and execution were there, but we had some griefers in our midst. By taunting the Lord, a cross-realming player can shut down a fortress attack. With the sheer number of effects going off and the low frame rates that always accompany these attacks, it's almost impossible to figure out who the malefactor is most of the time. And it's killing the chances of invading the enemy city far too often by changing the Fortress Lord from a powerful defensive unit into a tactical nuke. This is further compounded by the fact that we didn't get a second ramp up to the Lord's room, as the keeps received.

Since we're all about solutions here at the WnP, I'd like to offer up one: Change the enraged attack from an AoE to a single target. Let the Lord go berserk on the player that taunted, and then return to his normal behavior. This would punish the taunter for his impudence without punishing the entire attacking army for what could be a griefer tactic. If there are concerns that the Lord will now be too easy, then Mythic could give the Lord a small heal (say 10-15% of their total hp). That way it would take a lot more work and coordination to force the attack to fail. The game would still have plenty of incentive to avoid making mistakes, since it can be difficult to impossible to get back in to the Fortress zone in time if you have to run back, but it would stop rewarding people who's loyalty belongs to the other side. We'll see what happens with Fortresses in the next patch and how Mythic addresses these issues.

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